Following is a brief outline of the choices available for order. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about pricing and shipping if applicable.

1. Description of Services: Tales From the Kitchen shall create a unique, customized recipe book for Client utilizing Client's collected recipes and photographs. Each book shall be indexed and organized by subject matter featuring food, family and/or travel-related photographs. Client shall provide Tales From the Kitchen with a suggested miniumum of 60 recipes. Orders for FULL SIZE books should include personal photographs as well. Upon request, Tales From the Kitchen can supplement or provide Client with additional recipes.

FULL SIZE Recipe Book (8 1/2"x11")
Customized, laminated cover, spiral bound on left side with Table of Contents,
title pages with photographs of food, included recipes with representative imported
photos and an Index.

SMALL SIZE Recipe Book (7"x9")
Customized, laminated cover, spiral bound along top (rolodex style), with
Table of Contents, title pages with photographs of food, included recipes
(with NO photos) and an Index.

2. Recipe Format: All recipes must be delivered to Tales From the Kitchen in legible context.

3. Delivery: Allow up to six weeks for delivery, unless otherwise agreed. If unable to complete within this time frame, Tales From the Kitchen will contact you upon receipt of your order.

4. Liability: Tales from the Kitchen shall not be liable for Client’s recipes or photographs.  Clients are urged to submit good, legible (ORIGINAL) copies of recipes as well as clear  (ORIGINAL) photographs.  The quality when scanned is that much better, using original things.  All original recipes and photos will be returned to Client along with completed order.

All sales are final. No refunds permitted.

Tales from the Kitchen takes no responsibility for the occasional ‘human error’ that might,
perhaps, be due to the nature of such a customized product.

Again, please contact us to receive additional information regarding pricing.  We accept checks, money orders and major credit cards.  A small initial deposit is due upon shipment of recipes.  Remainder of balance due is requested immediately upon delivery of order.

Download Tales From The Kitchen Service Contract
(Adobe Acrobat Reader Required)